I am a father of two sons from Helsinki area. I am also an innovative and ambitious chef. In my cooking you can see tradition and modernism at the same time. I use cooking techniques of today, while the roots of  the tastes are old and respects the ingredients. I have worked in many kind of restaurants in Helsinki and Barcelona, with Michelin stars, Japanese, bistros etc.

Respect of Nature, Modern cooking techniques, Simplicity, Pureness, Surprising and Fun are my key words for cooking.


After leaving restaurant business as a restaurateur. I have worked in many different kinds of projects as a consult for restaurants, food styling for advertisement, food journalism, product development in the food industry, cooking schools, wild herb (foraging) courses etc.

I have found my work today very satisfying and fruitful. I love to be involved in many things rather than in one kitchen. But never say never again. Maybe one day I will be cooking in the one kitchen only.


"Keep it Reel"

Jouni Toivanen


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